Watch: Buccaneers Brady Tells Saints Coach Dennis Allen ‘Go F— Yourself’


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is typically calm, cool and collected. Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints he was not.

To be fair, getting consistently pressured while watching your top-3 weapons one by one get knocked out of the game can be unnerving. That’s exactly how I’d explain Brady’s mood with the game slipping out of his hands, literally.

Brady is known for his emotion while playing the game. From the weekly pregame sprint while screaming “LET’S F—–G GO” to his emotional outbursts on the sideline. When his team win those are referred to as “competitive nature”. When his team loses they are referred to as “temper tantrums”. Perspective matters.

In this instance with the Saints interim head coach, it may be a little of both. After the game, Brady sidestepped the question in typical Brady fashion.

Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report asked Brady. “Tom, after you threw the interception, it looks like you had some words with Dennis Allen. What was discussed there?” Brady answered, “Ah, nothing, just football.”

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