The World Isn’t Tired of Talking About Tom Brady


You roll over in the middle of the night and grab your phone off of the nightstand. You touch that screen and the device awakes instantly. You will not be returning to sleep because now your scrolling for Buccaneers news. Only the first story you see is a “Tom Brady isn’t retiring but is looking for a new team”. Now you have indigestion to go along with that sleeplessness. Oh, my.

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

In my opinion Tom Brady is not looking for another team. The Buccaneers, even with the an abundance of free agents this off-season, are not falling off the cliff depth wise. Even the general league consensus is they fall to somewhere around #14 on the NFL power rankings. This is mainly because the Buccaneers quarterback position is a big question mark.

The team has talent and youth at key positions. Couple that with the fact that Brady knows this offense, it’s hard to find a better situation. This is not to say that a quarterback, when challenged to learn an entirely new offense, and an entirely new cast of teammates won’t take that challenge. Sometimes they have to as part of the business. I’m just tired of prognosticating, for the sake of prognostication, imagining Tom Brady, under the best of circumstances, will again take a stab at jumping to an entirely new team. For what? A challenge.

That’s Not How Legacy Works

If we were talking about a money grab, then maybe. If it’s any other team in the NFL than the hometown 49ers, then it has to be a hard no. Even the thought of the Brady’s building a forever home in Miami. One of them, anyway. Does not put the GOAT in orange and teal in 2022. The notion that this could even be a possibility is ridiculous.

The best ring has always been the next one. And if your talking about running it back, no, the Rams won’t be parting with Matt Stafford. San Francisco may wish for one more year of experience for Trey Lance. Just as the Buccaneers would ultimately welcome another year of seasoning for Kyle Trask. But because Brady is under contract in Tampa Bay, unless he doesn’t file those retirement papers, for another team to even consider his services would require Brady to leave the best situation in football for success next season. Don’t see it happening.

Relax Buccaneers Faith

So go back to sleep Buccaneers fan. The sandman didn’t come in the middle of the night and take the teams quarterback. The 2022 season is still months away. There are free agents to address. A draft to be had. This Bucs team is still loaded with youth at some very key positions. Let the world talk about Tom Brady. He knows how we feel. The carpet still extended. The offense still primed for him to throw for 5000+ yards and keep in him contention for 2022 NFL MVP. That Jason Licht and Bruce Arians would extend every favor to keep open door number two is no surprise. As for Tom Brady showing up on another team in 2022. That’s different type of number two.

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