Buccaneers’ Great Warren Sapp Takes Shot at Bowles Scheme


There’s been plenty of opinions about why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season came to an end in the divisional round of the playoffs this year. We’ve heard media talking heads expound on why, we’ve heard the stat geeks data on why, we’ve even heard from players and coaches talk of miscommunication. All fair points to be honest, but one former Buccaneer had a little more to say about it.

Hall of Fame defensive tackle and Buccaneers great Warren Sapp was recently on The Rich Eisen Show on SiriusXM radio. Let’s just say he didn’t hold back, and isn’t a fan of Todd Bowles defensive scheme.

“There’s nothing wrong with that Tampa Bay team except the defense, they can’t rush the passer from inside. You know, my two tackles inside, they don’t believe in rushing the passer. Nah. We play run,” Sapp stated. “There’s not Earl Campbell in the backfield. Crazy. They throw the ball.”

Sapp went on about Tom Brady,

“For somebody like Brady, I mean he’s right there if Todd Bowles don’t call the all-out blitz, “Sapp said. “My linebacker Lavonte David is standing there with his hands on his hips as the play is going on. Unbelievable, man. C’mon.”

Head coach Bruce Arians stated all the players didn’t get the appropriate defensive call which led to some being out of position. That much we know, as for Sapp’s assessment of how Bowles uses the defensive tackles, we’ll I’ll definitely capitulate to his knowledge over mine.

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