Buccaneers’ Bowles Talks Logan Ryan and Tyrann Mathieu


Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles recently called into WDAE’s Ronnie and TKras Show to talk Buccaneers offseason. Plenty of great insight from Bowles on the Buccaneers moving forward. The interview also touched on the Buccaneers signing of safety Logan Ryan and if bringing in safety Tyrann Mathieu was in the cards.

Bowles On Logan Ryan 

TKras asked about the signing and what he brings to the team, “Just off the tape, he does show the versatility of being a nickel and a safety,” Bowles stated. “I think him and Jordan are completely different players. I don’t compare the two. I know Ryan brings a lot of intelligence to us and a lot of experience to us. I would like to see him in practice and move around and see how exactly I could use him and would use him. But I know he’s not the same type of player as Jordan. He’s not even brought in to replace Jordan, sort of speak. So he still has to come in and move around and let me see where he can fit in and work those kinks out. And I think we’ll work them out as we get into the spring and the summer. But II know he’s a sharp player and a very sharp guy.”

Then the question is obviously, who WILL replace Whitehead as it doesn’t seem Bowles views Ryan in that role?

Bowles On Tyrann Mathieu 

TKras brought up a possible replacement in Tyrann Mathieu. Bowles response, “Everybody’s under consideration,” Bowles stated. “He’s a heck of a player and he’s been a heck of player. We actually drafted him in Arizona, so his track record speaks for itself. If the situation is right, everybody’s a viable player in this game.”

As Bowles said, “everybody’s under consideration”. The Buccaneers are strapped for cash, they’re also pretty good at manipulating the salary cap. If the Bucs aren’t confident that they have a replacement for Whitehead yet then Mathieu is a logical choice.

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