Buccaneers’ Davis Has High Praise for Evans


Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans is the greatest receiver in Bucs history and it’s not even close. Evans is also considered one of the top pass catchers currently playing the game. So what is it that makes him the receiver that he is?

Recently Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis spoke with the media about what it’s like competing in practice against Evans.

“What people don’t understand about Mike is he’s a hell of a competitor,” Davis stated. “I don’t even think people understand there’s days where it’s like day six of camp, he’s going hard, my legs hurt, I’m like barely getting out of my petal and he’s full speed, full go and he’s on a different timing than everybody else. He wants it more. You can just tell that he wants it more.”
Davis continued,

“He has the physical abilities, he can do it all, but his mental and how he approaches the game is just so much different and just underrated. I don’t think a lot of people understand that he’s a monster to go up against every day because he doesn’t like to lose. And when he loses, he gets really mad, and you don’t want to see Mike mad – he’s a beast.”

Evans is a rare combination a size, athleticism and effort. After eight years in the league, Evans still practices like his job depends on it. Evans recently talked about his work ethic and preparation.

“I’ve been blessed, but I’ve always believed in my abilities,” Evans stated. “Every year I’m going to come in super confident. If I’m feeling good, like I said, I feel like I’m the best. I’m just trying to improve each year and just happy to be here.”

Evans went on to talk about his body and keeping it healthy as a priority.

“Each year I figure stuff out, things I need to work on and need to do to make sure I’m feeling my best. I do the same workouts, I just workout more now than I did in the past. That’s why I was so heavy, and I watch what I eat now. That’s been helpful for the last 3-4 years. Every year I just try to find ways to keep my body in tip top shape. When I’m feeling good, I feel like the best.”

Evans is still at the peak of his game heading into his ninth year. He has 606 receptions for 9,301 yards, 75 touchdowns, and a of course a Super Bowl ring. Evans has the most receiving yards, touchdowns, and receptions in franchise history. He also has the record for the most consecutive 1,000-yard seasons to start a career with eight.

So much accomplished in such a short time. Evans is already arguably a Hall of Fame candidate, so what keeps him motivated?

“All these young guys that come in, they give me extra motivation because they give so much juice and just want to play. They have a dream and they want to make it. Just watching them work inspires me. They’ve been doing great, I hope I can help them along the way.”

Mike Evans is one of the most productive players on the roster. He’s a fan favorite, a team captain, a Super Bowl champion and a blessing in the community. What he isn’t is unprepared.

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