Former Buccaneers’ Safety Takes Shot at Team


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to deal with a significant amount of injuries at the cornerback position last season. So obviously the Bucs did what any potential Super Bowl contender would do, they signed an All-Pro. That All-Pro was none other than Richard Sherman.

Sherman was immediately put into action as would be expected of someone who was signed under the circumstances Sherman was. Unfortunately Sherman’s body wasn’t up to the task as he would only manage to play in five games the rest of the season.

Needless to say, the Buccaneers didn’t re-sign Sherman this year for obvious reasons. Then you factor in not only did the Bucs not re-sign Sherman, nobody did. Now, news comes out that Sherman is joining the Amazon NFL coverage team for the upcoming season. So alls well that ends well right? Sherman can quietly and respectfully ride off into the sunset with a golden parachute.

Not So Fast

Sherman, in all of his infinite wisdom decided it was the right time during the announcement to take a shot at the Buccaneers. You know, the only team that gave him an opportunity to play last year? The team that payed him over a million dollars for a handful of plays I’m a handful of games. Oh the horror. Sherman was asked if his playing days were done, if heading to the booth was the end of Sherman the player? Sherman’s response was, well Sherman-y.

“As long as they don’t throw me in for three straight games fresh of the streets, I’ve got something in the tank.”

Yes that was a dig at the Buccaneers, yes it’s petty if not ridiculous. But isn’t that status quo for Sherman? Isn’t he the bombastic guy who loves talking trash? Yes, that’s who Sherman is. He could’ve took the high-road, but he didn’t. He could’ve talked about how the Buccaneers were the only chance he was given to play last year, but he didn’t. This is who he is.

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