Former Buccaneers’ Kicker Leads Local Soccer Team to Championship


You may remember former Buccaneers’ kicker Martin Gramatica as “Automatica” from his time with the team. His signature celebration following a made kick is embedded in team history. So what is the leaping Argentinian doing these days?

Coach Automatica

Being born in Argentina, Gramatica grew up a huge soccer fan, playing the game the majority of his life. After moving to the United States at age nine, Gramatica’s focus was still soccer, Football wasn’t on his radar. Then during his senior year at La Belle High School Gramatica found America’s game. Gramatica talks about this via FOX 13 Tampa Bay,

“Football came later in my life, it wasn’t ingrained into me like soccer, the plays, the offense, the defense and so that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching soccer, because I feel more comfortable, and I know more soccer.”

Today’s version of Gramatica is back focused on soccer, this time as a coach. Gramatica is the coach of the West Florida Flames East Lake U19 Boys Elite Soccer team. and just like with the Buccaneers,  Gramatica’s team is championship caliber.

The West Florida Flames boys team recently won the Florida state championship led by the booming footed coach Gramatica.

“I’m very proud of this team because of the dedication and the effort they put into this year, but I’ve had some really great coaches in my past that taught me how to be accountable, how to teach players to be accountable,” Gramatica said. “This team stuck together, and I’m very proud that they are willing to put in the work to get to nationals.” Gramatica stated.

Congratulations to all the Flames players and coaches and good luck at nationals. Hopefully it’s “Automatica” that you bring home the national championship.

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