Buccaneers Defense Will Not Allow Dak Prescott’s Golden Start


The Buccaneers face the Dallas Cowboys in primetime during week one of the 2022 NFL season. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told reporter recently he plans for this to be “the golden year” in his quest for a title. Give him an “A” for optimism.

A Marathon Not A Sprint

Unlike the start of last season. The Buccaneers will open up in Dallas. In the first game of what amounts to a tough 2022 schedule. One can imagine that Mike McCarthy will be reminding his team of the loss they took to open the 2021 season at Raymond James. You can also just imagine Jerry Jones preaching the “our house” rhetoric to the Cowboys squad.

This would no doubt be followed by some, “there’s a retractable roof on AT&T stadium so God can watch some of his favorite teams games”. Ugh! The stuff those Texas Twits come up with is just dumb. The nickname America’s Team may have held weight at some point in history. But the world knows with Tom Brady at quarterback. The incredible rosters Jason Licht has put together. Tampa Bay is indeed the current Americas Team. Like it if leave it.

Streets of Gold

The Dallas Cowboys can definitely do damage in an improving NFC East this upcoming season. Even with an improving Philadelphia, Washington, and yes, even the New York football Giants are trending up. How could they not? But Jerry’s boys just might make a splash in the 2022 NFL playoff landscape. But it’s a long season.

With some many questions still to answer and all teams reporting for camp there are so many unknown variables. And there is nothing wrong with players speaking optimistically. In fact, they’d better be. So hearing Dak Prescott talking about the teams quest for a title, and what they look to achieve this season is the same thing we hear from every other NFL camp.

That Dak issues the reference to this upcoming season being a “golden year” is nothing short of what you’d want to hear from the starting quarterback of your favorite NFL team. But as for week one of this upcoming NFL season, the Cowboys have their hands full against the Buccaneers. One can only hope that the golden year Prescott is referring to, doesn’t start until week two.

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