It’s Decision Time for the Buccaneers


There’s a huge question facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, actually two. One, how Serious is Ryan Jensen’s injury, and two, who is going to take his place while he is out?

Two very important questions, ones that means time is an enemy to the team at the moment. Since Jensen’s injury the majority of the reps at center have been taken by Robert Hainsey and Nick Leveritt. So much so that it’s beginning to seem like a legitimate camp battle. Can the Buccaneers afford a camp battle with two promising but very inexperienced centers?

Time is Not on Their Side

What if neither are ready or solid enough to step in and protect the leagues best QB What happens when the team decides they just can’t risk Brady’s health on two relatively green players and decide to finally go get someone like a J.C. Tretter Decisions need to be made soon regarding the situation.

Head coach Todd Bowles mentioned in one of his press conferences recently that they’re still waiting on a time-frame for Jensen’s return. “It’s a matter of him getting back to us, really,” Bowles stated. “I’m sure he’s got to get other opinions but we’re waiting on that so we can make a final decision.”

This somewhat answers my first question, but puts more emphasis on the second question, the camp battle. If the Buccaneers do stay in house to replace Jensen it’s safe to say Hainsey will be the guy. Again, the question is, with a stacked team and Brady at quarterback, do you really think Hainsey is a better option than Tretter? If not, Tretter needs to be brought in immediately.

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