The Addition Of Carl Nassib Is An Underrated Move


After the 2019 season, Carl Nassib tested free agency after his contract expired with the Buccaneers. Many fans were left wondering why he was let walk. Then His contract details came out. Electing to leave for Las Vegas he signed a three-year $25.25 million dollar contract. An amount the Buccaneers were likely not willing to match. Two years later he found himself a free agent again and now, with injuries on the Buccaneers defensive line, he returns.

2016 Draft

Entering the 2016 draft I had pegged the Buccaneers as needing help at defensive end. Accordingly, it was one of their more glaring needs, behind corners, where they lacked depth and some talent. Looking at potential prospects I honed in on Nassib. My hope, was the Buccaneers would draft him at the back end of the second round. Then with the 39th overall pick they drafted Noah Spence. I was excited.

Then to my surprise they traded back into the second round. Now, I am of the mind set of sometimes you double down on a position of need. When I saw we traded up I hoped we would see another corner or defensive end. In my mind I like to build my team from the trenches out. Ultimately, I crossed my fingers for Nassib.

However, Tampa Bay fans are all to familiar with what happened. Roberto Aguayo’s name was called.

Browns and Buccaneers

Drafted to the Browns with the 65th pick overall Nassib played two seasons in Cleveland before he was released. In total he saw action in 30 games, starting 15. With only 5.5 sacks in that span he was released in September 2018 and promptly add to the Buccaneers by Jason Licht.

In arguably his best two year span Nassib flourished as a rotational player and part time starter. In his first season with the team he posted 29 tackles, 22 solo, 12 tackles for loss, 14 quarterback hits, and 6.5 sacks. Solid numbers for a rotational player. However he did have a tackling issue, missing a career high of 21.9 percent. 2019 he remained consistent across his stats. Then he hit free agency.

The Raiders

Seeing his contributions and needing depth at defensive line the Raiders sent an offer to Nassib he couldn’t refuse. Maybe even over paying. Ultimately, things didn’t pan out. A huge drop in production coupled with the emergence of Maxx Crosby, drafting of Clelin Ferrell in 2019, and the acquisition of Chandler Jones there was no room for Nassib. Thus, he would be released in March.

Final Thought

With the injury to Cam Gill the Buccaneers needed to reload some depth. Nassib, being unsigned, is a great way to rebuild that portion of the roster. Back in pewter and red the hope is he can return to 2018 and 2019 form and be a great contributor. Even better for him is he won’t be asked to do more than he can handle. This move in a way is an upgrade. Gill’s contributions have been minimal and in my opinion he hasn’t shown much. Nassib brings a vet presence, starting experience, and is an upgrade in depth over Gill.

Nevertheless, this is a good signing by the Buccaneers and may be an underrated move.

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