Buccaneers’ Ko Kieft: “An Old-School Football Player”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected tight end Ko Kieft in the sixth-round of the 2022 NFL draft. His physicality and pure bully mentality is just one of the traits that landed him on the Bucs’ radar.

Last Sunday night Kieft made his regular season debut against the Dallas Cowboys. The rookie didn’t disappoint. Watching the game, Kieft had no problem handling the blocking assignments given to him. He handled the Cowboys’ linebackers and pass rushers with the physicality that led general manager Jason Licht to draft him.

Kieft using great technique combined with his physical nature proved he and his style of play still has a place in today’s NFL. Speaking of his style of play, head coach Todd Bowles recently spoke with the media about Kieft’s debut.

“He’s an old-school football player,” Bowles beamed of Kieft. “He works hard-He can play fullback, tight end, he can play the F or the U position as well. He does a lot of things for us.”

“He’s good on [special] teams. He can catch the ball, actually, too. You haven’t seen his receiving skills yet, but he’s a hard-nosed, tough guy that comes to work every day and tries to get better.”

Bowles continued…

“He’s always out before practice, trying to stretch and warm up and do things that he needs to work on, and he’s been a joy to coach.”

Kieft isn’t going to replace the likes of a Rob Gronkowski, those shoes might be to big for any one player to fill. What Kieft will do is Gove the Buccaneers options on how to use him. He can line up as a tight end, a fullback or a combination of the two. He has hands good enough to be on on pass plays as well, making him arguably the most versatile player of the tight end group.

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