Offensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Falcons


The Buccaneers are looking to get back in the win column in week five. Last week their passing game woke up. Now it’s time to put it all together and start looking like a championship-caliber team. So how can the Buccaneers get after the Falcons’ defense?

Pass First

This team is clearly built as a pass-first team and needs to come out swinging early. This will open the playbook and allow them to achieve the balance they seek eventually. Byron Leftwich has to stay away from his over 60% run on first and ten at the beginning of games, something teams have been game-planning against thus far. A play-action pass would be warranted early or a three-wide receiver set. Either way, the offense can not come out flat.

Falcons Secondary

The Falcons secondary is very exploitable. They have given up no less than 269 yards passing in a game this far and even allowed Geno Smith to throw for 325 yards. Two receivers this season have registered over 100 yards in a game while four have gained over 70 yards. The opposing offenses have not been stealer either. Only one ranks in the top ten in passing yards while two are in the top 15. The fourth, Cleveland, is 25th.

Starting corner A.J. Terrell has allowed a passer rating of 112.6 this season while Casey Hayward has allowed a rating of 83. These numbers are indicative of the pass completion percentage their allowing. Both players sit relatively close to 60% completion percentage. Behind them awaits Darren Hall who has allowed a rating of 111.7 to quarterbacks this season with an 80% completion percentage. This group of defenders is struggling.

Final Thought

This game starts a stretch where the team can start to put all the pieces together and play a complete game. It’s time for the offense to start playing to their strengths early in order to open everything else up. If they don’t we could have another slow start.

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Big Game Sports Buzz with former Buccaneers' great James Cannida
Big Game Sports Buzz with former Buccaneers’ great James Cannida

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