Carter’s Corner: “5 QBs Better Than Tom Brady in the Red Zone”


Looking for unsolicited sarcastic opinion pieces that are hypocritical in nature due to the writer’s constant criticism of a league that he still covers and enjoys? Welcome to Carter’s Corner!

The Bucs have struggled all season in every facet of the offense, but the red zone has been especially atrocious. Tom Brady even had a lot of open receivers down there Thursday night but failed to connect with any of them. So here are five QBs better than Tom Brady in the red zone. 

Al Michaels

Get him out of the booth and onto the field! Get him some pads! He would have looked every bit as pathetic and old as Tom Brady, but fuck it, it would have been a fun time.

Charles Barkley (right now)

I’m well aware of just how dominant of a force Charles Barkley was as an active NBA player. I mean no disrespect; the guy was a beast. But right now he’s making a crap-ton of money as an analyst on TNT, and is clearly out of game shape. Regardless, he might have been able to pull something out of his ass under center. 

One of the fans in the stands

Hey, I’m sure there were some former high school QBs out in the stands Thursday night that could have gotten the job done down there. Or maybe a former high school pitcher that could have lasered in a pass. 

Nathan Peterman

The guy known for his ridiculous multi-interception games, Peterman probably could have connected on one of those throws in the red zone, right? Maybe it would have been to an opposing defender, but it still would have been caught by someone. 

Mike Glennon

I know Bucs fans remember this guy. Glennon bounced around the NFL as a backup for some ungodly reason following his tenure as a Buc, but never found any success. With the Bucs he was just as unremarkable. 

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