Gronkowski Talks His And Brady’s Future


Former Buccaneers’ Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have been linked at the hip since first becoming teammates in New England. So it stands to reason Gronkowski may have more information on

Via The Athletic’s Jeff Howe, Gronkowski reiterated at recent Super Bowl LVII media session that he is in fact “done” playing regardless if it’s Brady or another team pushing him to do so.

“Tom is not reopening that door. I don’t know. Maybe he is. I don’t know.” Gronkowski continued. “I would just say I was shocked because I would say he still has some left in the tank. There’s no doubt about that. I felt like Tom could play until 50 years old. But he chose to hang it up at 45, and I’m proud of him, I’m proud to be his teammate, I’m proud of everything he has accomplished. I’m just happy for him, whatever he chooses to do next.” 

Howe added, “Gronkowski sounded fairly certain of his pronunciation that Brady was equally done with his own playing days before catching himself.”

Gronkowski thinks there’s a possibility of seeing the Brady/Gronk tandem again, but this time in the booth.

“That’s definitely a possibility for sure, being with Tom for so long and now we’re going to be at FOX together,” Gronk stated. “There really hasn’t been any plans or anything or any talks about it, but that definitely could be a possibility. We could banter back and forth in some way, somehow, maybe do a couple promos together or whatever it is. That will be down the road. Time will have to tell with that.”

Take it for what you will, we’ll take the Gronk at his word if for no other reason than we can all stop talking about it.

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