Report: Canales to “Push Hard” for QB Lock


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently hired former Seahawks quarterbacks coach Dave Canales as their offensive coordinator. Canales has already brought Brad Idzik from Seattle to coach the Bucs’ receivers. Surely more coaches will follow Canales to Tampa, but what about players?

According to  Seahawks Color Analyst Dave Wyman, their might be a quarterback heading from Seattle to Tampa.


“Seahawks Color Analyst Dave Wyman believes that Dave Canales will push hard for QB Drew Lock. Would you welcome the idea?”

As mentioned, Wyman joined the Ronnie and TKras Show on WDAE Monday. The conversation was obviously focused on the Canals hire. Wyman then stated he thought Canales would push hard to sign quarterback Drew Lock. Listen to the segment below on WDAE’s Spotify channel.

I know, Drew Lock? I can see him being brought in because of knowledge of Canales’ system, (whatever that actually is). But would he just be the “veteran” of the group, or would he be competing with Trask for the starting job? Let’s be honest, if the Buccaneers view Trask’s player comparison as Drew Lock, this could get ugly. Lock has a career quarterback rating south of Case Keenum’s. With a 79.3 rating he’s only slightly better than Sam Darnold. I just can’t, or don’t want to see it.

Of course Wyman could be wrong, that’s always a possibility. Let’s focus on that.

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