Buccaneers’ Arians Talks QB Competition


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback competition has been well reported, disected and analyzed. And while head coach Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Dave Canales have towed the “It’s a legitimate competition” line, at least one Buccaneers’ higher-up seems to have a favorite.

Former Bucs’ head coach and “Senior Advider to the General Manager” Bruce Arians was recently on The National Football Show with Dan Sileo were he discussed the team’s quarterback competition.

Arians thinks Baker Mayfield has the edge over Kyle Trask at this point.

“A little fire, I think we needed a little bit of fire on offense. But you gotta go back and look at Kyle Trask yesterday [May 23], had a great end of practice. So it’s a nice battle,” Arians stated. “You’ve got two young guys who I think are extremely talented and they’re doing a great job.”

Arians continued,

“Baker has been there and done it, and has I think a little bit of an edge just because of that leadership and having been in the huddle with pro guys a lot.”

Arians isn’t ready to stick a fork in Trask though.

“But the guys really respect Kyle also. I love the guy [Baker], I think he just brings a charisma and a fire to your offense.”

Arians went on to say he would’ve loved to coach both quarterbacks, but his daily involvement with the franchise is scheduled to be less this year than last.


“I’m not very hands-on right now with those guys. I was there every single day last year and I think it was too much. I want everybody to breathe, do their thing. Let Dave Canales come in and take over the offense and do what he wants to do.”

At the end of the day Arians opinion is just that, his opinion. But he does still have sway within the organization and especially with head coach Todd Bowles.

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