What Will Buccaneers Coen’s Staff Look Like?


Liam Coen recently made his first hire on the Buccaneers offensive side of the ball. He brought in Kevin Carberry from his time on the Rams. Carberry worked as offensive line coach for the Rams in 2021 and 2022. In 2021, they allowed the 7th fewest sacks. Really good, especially when you have a guy like Matt Stafford who isn’t the most mobile.

However, they did allow the 3rd most sacks the year after; he was let go by the Rams by the end of that season. To give him some credit, though, the line was weakened without Andrew Whitworth at tackle and the line as a whole was battered. But, there are still more holes on the staff, and I wanted to see who else he could bring in.

They need somebody to replace Brad Idzik as WR coach. Now, I have advocated for Greg Olsen to take over there, but he may be reluctant since he was a TE. Only reason I can see why he wouldn’t be brought in. That being said, a coach that has a lot of experience with Sean McVay and worked with Coen is Eric Yarber. I don’t know if he would be going anywhere since he has been with the Rams for a long time and hasn’t garnered many interviews.

He has definitely done a lot of good for the Rams. Obviously, he was the WR coach in 2021 when Cooper Kupp got the triple crown. And he has helped Kupp become one of the best WRs in the NFL. However, I think that some credit does go to Matthew Stafford in that regard. But, he has also gotten career seasons out of guys like Robert Woods before Stafford came there. Guy has a lot of experience and I think Coen would want to bring him aboard.

The other guy I think Coen would be interested in is Jay Boulware, the RB coach for the University of Kentucky. And is also strangely the ST coordinator. Seems strange, but whatever. I avoided the Rams this time because their running game has been up and down. They seem to have finally hit on a RB, but they weren’t able to make a lot of guys work. You could argue he may have been carried by a good RB, but they could bring that RB to the Bucs in the draft, which is another reason to bring Boulware.

Ray Davis was the leader of the 11th graded run game, according to PFF. Not only that, but they ran a ton because their QB was inconsistent. Even more impressive, PFF had their line ranked at 55.9 run blocking grade. So, he managed to produce a good run game behind a below average line and a QB that was kinda meh.

Coen already has a lot of people excited about his presser. He seems like he knows exactly what he wants from the offense, which I appreciate. And coaches have a tendency to hire the guys they know. Well, he has connections to at least two guys that could greatly help this team.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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