Way Too Early Buccaneers 2024 Game-By-Game Win/Loss Predictions


Ok, just like last year, I understand the Buccaneers have none the opponents well in advance of the schedule coming out. However, just like what I said last year, I think the order you play the opponents and also when you play them (be it Thursday or Monday) affects things. So, let’s see what I get completely wrong (and also still arrive at the solution).

Week 1 vs Commanders- Win

This is a bit of a weird one. On the one hand, all the available facts seem to suggest this will be an easy win for the Bucs. They have a rookie QB, a mediocre head coach, bad o-line, and a not-great defense. However, this team has a bad history with QBs making their first start (especially with this franchise). That being said, I think the Buccaneers will prevail here. The Commanders just don’t impress me in any area right now. I think Jayden Daniels will be good, just not right now.

Week 2 at Lions- Loss

Todd Bowles’ personal Boogeyman will be waiting for him in week 2. Jared Goff is undefeated against Patrick Mahomes and feels undefeated against Bowles. The Lions again got better on paper and will likely beat the Bucs again. The Bucs also got better and can light up a secondary that will still need time to mesh, but I don’t think they have closed the gap with the Lions yet. Their run game is really good and they have a literal God at receiver.

Week 3 vs Broncos- Win

It’ll be nice to give Sean Payton one more loss. Not that the Bucs have had much success doing that. But it ain’t 2018 anymore. It’s 2024 and the Broncos are a joke. Bo Nix may be good, but their receiving room is garbage. Not quite on the Panthers or Patriots level, but still bad. While they stole my draft crush in Audric Estime, I am not sure their run game will be much better. Their defense has one player worth a damn, so if the Buccaneers can hold back the blitz, it should be easy to get a win here.

Week 4 vs Eagles- Win

When I say this, know that this is not me being sarcastic or purposefully exaggerated. This is something I really believe. Jalen Hurts is a mediocre QB. He had one season of decent production and he was pencilled in as one of the best in the NFC. He’s not even the best in his division for crying out loud.

The second Shane Steichen left, he fell apart. 23 tds and 15 interceptions, elite QB right there. And that is with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith. The Eagles have won a lot of games with him under center, but that is arguably more of the pieces around Hurts. Their o-line was elite and as a result of it, the run game was legendary. However, without Kelce, their line will be weaker. And while they addressed their secondary, we don’t know how good they will be. I think the Bucs can pull this one out. they managed to completely shut down the run game in the playoffs, so if they can do that again, they should be able to get it done.

Week 5 at Falcons- Loss

As sad as I am to say this, the Bucs will probably split the series with the Falcons. So, to play it safe, I will say the Falcons win the one at home. These will probably be some close games. I don’t believe they are as good as the media has said they are, but it is still a decent team. Their run game is good and they finally have a real QB again. And that QB has more than one weapon. I won’t say Raheem Morris is the biggest upgrade over Arthur Smith.

However, he likely won’t actively sabotage the team and just be snarky to the media when he is called out for being a dumbass. If they’re lucky, they could be the seventh seed. And I think if their weapons are actually used right, they will probably torch a young Buc’s secondary.

Week 6 at Saints- Loss

If I hated the Falcons one, I really loathe writing this. The Saints are probably the third best team in the division, but it is not the most talent poor. They made some improvements in the draft (not FA since they only have pennies to spend). Their roster impresses me less than the Broncos with a bunch of aging guys though. Alvin Kamara is getting up there and was not nearly as effective in the run or pass game. And Chris Olave is basically their last decent WR. However, this team did still beat the Buccaneers late last year with a similar roster, and I think another split is coming.

Week 7 vs Ravens- Loss

I mean, what can I really say? This team was just in the AFC Championship. And while they didn’t make it last year, they looked like SB contenders for most the year and didn’t really get worse. They did lose Mike McDonald, so their defense may take a step back, but it is so talented it might not matter. Lamar Jackson is incredibly good and while the receivers are average, he has still made them look good. This is just another talented team that the Bucs probably can’t overcome.

Week 8 vs Falcons- Win

If I’m correct in my predictions, this is a win that the Bucs will desperately need here to get back to .500. While the Falcons will have more time to gel together, the Bucs should snatch a win at home.

Week 9 at Chiefs- Loss

I think this game will be a lot closer than people expect. Seems strange to say I know considering the Chiefs have been good against the Bucs in the regular season. But their receivers are still terrible until I see proof otherwise. Their defense may still be really strong, but it was awful against the run game. If the Bucs o-line is as good as advertised, Racxhaad White should help keep this game respectable. However, the Patrick Mahomes magic will probably be out in force and also considering it’s in Arrowhead, the Bucs lose a close one.

Week 10 vs 49ers- Loss

We are nearly past the gauntlet. Basically put everything I said about the Ravens here, just slightly worse. Christian McCaffrey is still a God and unless his glass bones come back, is all the team needs to beat the Bucs. This man still absolutely lights up the scoreboard every time he plays us and I hate it. Brock Purdy also had a perfect passer rating when they played last year, and is basically like Jared Goff to Todd Bowles. I think the defense will take a step back without some key pieces there, but the offense is a machine and the Bucs can’t hold it back for long.

Week 12 at Giants- Win

This is exactly what the team needs following a brutal stretch into the bye week. The Giants after having one halfway decent season have fallen back into terribleness. They could be competing for the number one pick come draft time. Daniel Jones is terrible, the receivers are terrible, the o-line couldn’t stop my brother’s high school defense, their defense is decent, but they lost some big names, and they don’t have Saquon Barkley anymore. This should be an easy win for a Buccaneers squad reeling from having to play the Ravens, Chiefs, and 49ers.

Week 13 at Panthers- Win

Call me crazy, but the Panthers just aren’t that good. I will give them bonus points for trying in the offseason. They got some decent guards to shore up a truly dreadful o-line and got a WR to help out 50 year old Adam Thielen. But their defense does not impress me and Bryce Young has not shown he belongs in the UFL, much less on an NFL team. I think Dave Canales will have the squad in better shape than last year, but that is really not saying much. This is a talent poor team that the Buccaneers will get a crucial division win against.

Week 14 vs Raiders- Win

Another team that could potentially be competing for the number one pick. I don’t know who is better, Gardner Minshew or Aiden O’Connell. What I do know is if you’re asking that question, your QB room is sadder than Schindler’s List. And yes I know Minshew beat the Bucs last year, shut up. The raiders have one good receiver, no more Josh Jacobs, a mediocre o-line which lost starters, and a defense which all things considered, should be good, at least up front. Maxx Crosby and Christian Wilkins do strike fear into my heart, but if the team can’t score on offense, it won’t matter. Bowles should be able to get after their QB and win a game which may be very ugly.

Week 15 at Chargers- Win

By week 15, I think the Chargers will have actually put together a competent team. Jim Harbaugh is a fantastic head coach and has been able to field good times using shoe string before. However, I think the team is still too talent-poor to compete with the Bucs. They have a solid defense, but I would not be surprised if Joey Bosa and/or Khalil Mack are injured and can’t play here. Not saying I want them injured, but they are injury prone, especially Bosa. We will see how good Quinton Johnston is and their rookie Ladd McConkey, but their receiving room is also barren. Also, Gus Edwards does not scare me as RB1. It may be ugly since both teams should have good defenses, but the Buccaneers will get it.

Week 16 at Cowboys-Win

That’s right, we sweep the NFC East. Yee haw! Call me crazy, but I think the Bucs ride an impressive wave of momentum from this win streak and get a surprise in Jerry World. The Bucs have had the Cowboys number in the regular season, although that was with Brady. I have some actual reasons for why the Bucs can win, but my main one is not logical in the slightest. For years, the Cowboys have blown these sorts of games in which they are favored and need for playoff positioning. Why should this be any different? I don’t trust their rushing attack to be very good and while the Bucs’ secondary is young, by this point, it will have plenty of time to become a good unit.

How bout dem Cowboys!

Week 17 vs Panthers Win

Like I said above, the Buccaneers should be able to get a win at home against a good, just not great Panthers team.

Week 18 vs Saints- Win

I hope to God this pushes the Saints out of the playoffs with an 8-9 record. The Saints don’t impress me at all and this game should be an easy win in front of the home crowd.

So, after starting 4-6, the Bucs win the last seven games to go 11-6. Is that insane? Absolutely, but until the season starts, we have absolutely no way of knowing whether I am right or wrong. The Buccaneers have a brutal start to the season, but after the bye, it gets a lot easier. I think they can improve upon their 2023 season if they field a better pass defense and better run game, both of which have been addressed.

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