Buccaneers Senior Offensive Assistant Tom Moore Drops Book Covering His Coaching Career


I guess I should clarify this isn’t some kind of sponsored post for Buccaneers Senior Offensive Assistant Thomas Moore’s or Tampa Bay Times Rick Stroud’s book, “The Players’ Coach: From Bradshaw to Manning, Brady, and Beyond”. I just saw this pop up on my Twitter feed and wanted to talk about it. What? It’s the dead of the offseason, I need some kind of content to write about to sustain me until August. With that being said, I was interested by this legitimately as Moore has had a very long and storied career.

There’s a quote on the front cover from Tony Dungy that calls Moore, “The greatest assistant coach of all time”. Normally I would roll my eyes at this sort of hyperbolic statement. After all, I have read books with that sort of statement all the time. However, I really don’t think it is wrong in this case. I wrote about Moore I think a year ago at this point. I even called him “the greatest assistant coach that never became a head coach”. He has been with the Chuck Noll Steelers, the Tony Dungy Colts, and now is here in Tampa. He has four rings and was able to get the best football out of Peyton Manning in Indy.

The guy has been coaching in this league for 40 years in various capacities. So, to read a book about his coaching experience should be enlightening. Reading the description, it seems like it will cover his life, but it also calls itself a coaching Bible and a way to teach people about leadership. Maybe this example won’t be understood by everyone, but it sounds to me like Stephen King’s On Writing. It covered his life from childhood, but also served as a guide to help aspiring writers.

I will be pretty busy this off-season as I am going on vacation, but I have thought about getting the book. For all I know, this thing will be a piece of shit that has horrible advice. I don’t think so as Moore seems like a good guy with good advice, but it is technically possible. For anyone else interested, here is the Amazon link.

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