Buccaneers 2024 Team Awards Predictions


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head into the 2024 NFL season looking to defend their divisional title and take another step in the playoffs.

Now that the offseason activities are winding down and the team heads for training camp and then preseason, (yes, we’re that close) it’s time to look towards the 2024 season. Will the Pewter Pirates be able to defend their division crown? Who will be the team’s MVP? Which rookie will bring the most production to the table? Bucs Report’s staff chimes in with their predictions.

Carter Brantley

  1. Team MVP: Baker Mayfield
  2. Offensive MVP: Mike Evans
  3. Defensive MVP: Antoine Winfield Jr. 
  4. Special Teams MVP: Jake Camarda
  5. Comeback Player of the Year: Cody Mauch
  6. Rookie of the Year: Jalen McMillan

I know, a lot of incumbents on this list, and I do apologize for being so dull and boring. Baker is coming off a nice season where you could argue he was the team MVP, and while switching offensive coordinators again doesn’t seem like fun, it shouldn’t derail his success, especially in the context of the talent they’ve added to this offense, as well as bringing back that Offensive MVP, Mike Evans.

Mike and Baker had a great dynamic last year, and with CG14 looking to increase his status while he likely looks for a new contract and rookie Jalen McMillan being one of the most underrated guys in this year’s Buccaneers draft class, Evans should get plenty of opportunities to get open in this offense. AWJ is just the man, and I don’t expect that new contract to detract from his motivation to continue to be, and Camarda is sneakily one of the most booming punters in football.

I liked the Cody Mauch pick last year, and despite an up-and-down rookie season I expect the addition of Graham Barton and other veterans to help push the former North Dakota State man towards reaching his potential. As mentioned previously in this little blurb, McMillan has the chance to be one of the best rookies in this Buccaneers draft class, and I see no reason he can’t win that 3rd wideout spot over Trey Palmer and Sterling Shephard. 

J.T. Olson

1) Team MVP – Antoine Winfield Jr.
The Buccaneers have always been a defensively focused team. I expect that to continue in 2024 and that Winfield will lead the charge. He forced 9 turnovers last season and racked up 122 total tackles and I expect a similar season this fall. Look for Winfield to be a dark horse Defensive Player of the Year candidate and the leader of a top 5-10 defense.
2) Offensive MVP – Mike Evans
This offense will go as far as Mike Evans takes them. Even with improved weapons and offensive line, he will continue to be the straw that stirs the drink in Tampa Bay. He is the only true outside receiving threat and one of the best touchdown producers in the NFL. Expect another 1100+ receiving yards season and 10+ touchdowns.
3) Defensive MVPCalijah Kancey
I expect Kancey to be the leader of the Buccaneers pass rush this season. His athletic ability and refined hand use give him an All Pro type of ceiling and we saw a lot of flashes of that in what was one of best rookie seasons from a defensive tackle in recent memory. I expect that he will land in the ballpark of 8.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss.
4) Special Teams MVPChase McLaughlin
Big leg kicker who makes field goals at a very high rate. What else could I ask for?
5) Comeback Player of the Year – Cody Mauch
The Buccaneers don’t truly have a lot of candidates to come back from something, so I will look at this as a most improved award. After an offseason of NFL strength training and a year of experience under his belt at his position, I expect Mauch to take a big jump forward in year two. He is a huge key to solidifying the Buccaneers young offensive line and I believe he will help do exactly that.
6) Rookie of the YearTykee Smith
There are a lot of good candidates for this because the Buccaneers had one of the best drafts in the NFL. However, I believe Smith will make more splash plays than any of the rookies this year. His impact as a run defender in the nickel and his playmaking in coverage will make him a sleeper candidate for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

AJ Turn-Up

Team MVP: Baker Mayfield
Offensive MVP: Mike Evans
Defensive MVP: Calijah Kancey
Special Teams MVP: Chase McLaughlin
Comeback Player of the Year: Vita Vea
Rookie of the Year: Bucky Irving

Greg D’Cruz 

Training camp is weeks away and what better way to start the season off then with some predictions so here goes:
1. Team MVP
Rachaad White. I think he is primed for a big year. I’m predicting a 1K rushing and receiving season.
2. Offensive MVP
Chris Godwin. A contract year always seems to motivate players.
3. Defensive MVP
Vita Vea. A slimmed down Vea with Kancey by his side could mean trouble for opposing teams.
4. Special Teams MVP
Bucky Irving. With the new kick off rules, this could open things up a guy like Irving.
5. Comeback Player of the Year
Robert Hainsey. I think he wins guard position and solidifies the line.
6. Rookie of the Year
Tykee Smith. Bowles will use him as a blitzer and that will pay dividends.

Devin Sanguinett

MVP– Baker Mayfield
OPOY– Rachaad White
DPOY– Antoine Winfield Jr
STPOY– Jake Camarda
CPOYJamel Dean
ROYJalen McMillan
Last season, I proclaimed that Baker was the MVP of the team and I don’t think that changes. After the campaign that he had, throwing for over 4k yards and 28 tds, there is no reason to believe that he can’t do that again. Yes, he did lose Dave Canales, but by all accounts, Liam Coen is an upgrade at the position. Plus, Baker has familiarity with him and he has the same weapons with a few upgrades in Jalen McMillan and potentially Devin Culp.

Now, Rachaad is an interesting case. There is a good argument that this will go to Mike Evans like I said last year. However, White had over 1500 scrimmage yards with an IOL that couldn’t stop me from hitting White behind the line. This award should actually be shared between him and Graham Barton as he will be the reason why White makes it out of the backfield without being touched. Coen should also be able to scheme open some screens for White, something that he benefited a lot from last season.
For Antoine, there truly is no argument. He is the best safety in the NFL and was paid like it. And so, he will be the DPOY for the Buccaneers and could have a chance of winning the real award. He had the most forced fumbles with 6, 4 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions, 12 passes defended, and 6 sacks last season. You couldn’t ask for better play from your safety.

One guy looking for a bounceback is Jake Camarda. After 2022 where he looked like a god incarnate and single-handedly won us two games, he had a rocky season in 2023. Not bad per se, but inconsistent. But I think he will return to form this year. The talent is there to prove he can be one of the best punters in the NFL.
Unlike last year, there wasn’t a player that missed significant time to injury with the exception of Russell Gage. I can confidently say he will not be CPOY. But, Jamel Dean did miss 5 games, which is tied for most games missed in a season for him. Infamously, he has never played a full season. Last season stuck out though as he not only missed five games, he arguably did not live up to the contract. So, this is a comeback in two senses of the word. Coming back from injury and also mediocre play.
This is his first season without an interception and he also had the fewest passes defended in his career. But, with increased playing time, he will have the chance to prove himself and I think he will.

ROY is also difficult to determine. I think the obvious choice is Chris Braswell, but rookie edge rushers usually don’t perform instantly. So, for me, it was between Bucky Irving and Jalen McMillan. I think for this offense, McMillan will have more chances to see the ball.
I know that sounds strange for a guy that will start off as WR4, but I think he is more naturally talented than Trey Palmer and because of the rotation at the WR3 position, McMillan will likely see the field more than we expect. In contrast, Bucky might see the field less than we expect because of his size. He might be more prone to injury and the Buccaneers didn’t use their back-ups that much. And while that was more due to lack of talent, White still has seen the field very often and Coen will continue that in all likelihood.

Rick Hughes

1. Team MVP: Baker Mayfield
I would have chosen Mike Evans, but it just feels like eventually the guy has to have a down year… doesn’t he? Maybe? Plus it feels like this offense is sort of created for Baker.
2. Offensive MVP: As usual the quarterback Baker Mayfield, and this offense seems designed to spread the ball all over the place
3. Defensive MVP: Antoine Winfield Jr.  Right now it’s just really difficult to pick anyone else. There is no major weakness and he performs at a peak level game after game. More importantly, he performs in key moment after key moment.
4. Special Teams MVP: Chase McLaughlin. This one is tough because we just don’t know how the new kickoff rules are going to play out. The winner of this could end up being whoever the back up running back is because they return kicks
5. Comeback Player of the Year: I guess Chase Edmonds because he’s really the only one truly “coming back“ after his injury.  This could probably go to Vita Vea in the sense that I expect he’s going to be a dominant force again after sort of disappearing last year.
6. Rookie of the Year: Chris Braswell. My hesitation here is that Bowles likes to bring defensive rookies along slowly, but Graham Barton will be invisible if he does well and that rarely wins you awards.

Dave Whitescarver

Team MVP – Baker Mayfield

The 2024 season will reveal the Bucs significantly upgraded at offensive coordinator with Liam Coen. In addition, Bake’s second full season under center will see organic improvement with greater familiarity with his teammates. Baker Mayfield will be Team MVP.

Offensive MVP – Baker Mayfield

See Team MVP explanation. QBs rule the NFL, consequently, Baker Mayfield will be Offensive MVP.

Defensive MVP – Antoine Winfield Jr.

Winfield became the highest paid defensive back in the NFL this offseason. He is the best player on the Bucs and the highest rated defensive back in the league. If a defensive player were to get league MVP Winfield would be your candidate. Enough said.

Special Teams MVP – Chase McLaughlin

The new NFL kickoff rules essentially render all special teams’ players irrelevant except for the kicker. Besides, McLaughlin will make two field goals against the Ravens and Niners as time expires to win those games.

Comeback Player of the Year – Chris Godwin

While Chris had 1,000 yards receiving in 2023, he had only two touchdowns. Godwin will flourish in Liam Coen’s offense and will find the end zone many more times in 2024 and return to his pre-injury self.

Rookie of the Year – Graham Barton

The success rate of first round centers (with success measured by signing a second contract) is 93% with the next closest position in the fifties. The man from Duke will be flattening the opposition right from the start.

Bucs Report Staff (The Dude)

1. Team MVP: Baker Mayfield
2. Offensive MVP: Rachaad White
3. Defensive MVP: Yaya Diaby
4. Special Teams MVP: Bucky Irving
5. Comeback Player of the Year: Jordan Whitehead
6. Rookie of the Year: Bucky Irving

Starting off with the team MVP, I’m going with Baker Mayfield. Coming off a great 2023, look for Mayfield to put up roughly 4,200 yards passing and 30 touchdowns.

You’d think with me having Mayfield as the team MVP he’d also get the Offensive MVP nod, not so fast. Rachaad White will take a huge step forward this season. Look for White to post 1,200 yards rushing, 700 yards receiving, and 12 total touchdowns.

Defensive MVP could’ve gone several directions here. But I’m the eternal optimist and will go with the young up-and-comer Yaya Diaby. I have Diaby making huge strides in 2024. Look for him to post double digit sacks, pressures and tackles-for-loss in 2024.

The Special Teams MVP will most likely go to whoever is returning kicks in 2024. My best guess as to who that will be is rookie running back Bucky Irving. With the new kickoff rules in place, the table is set for some huge return stats. Irving will thrive and might even take one to the house.

Comeback Player of the Year is a hard one this time. With no major injuries to any of the starters last season it’s time to think out of the box here. So I’ll go with the only player actually “returning”, Jordan Whitehead. Whitehead returns to the Buccaneers after two seasons in New York. He will instantly shore-up the back-end of the defense.

Rookie of the Year will go to running back Bucky Irving. I have him as the Special Teams MVP already, add in his offensive stats and he will be the rookie with the most production. Look for Irving to add 500 yards rushing, 300 yards receiving and 8 total touchdowns to his special teams stats.

Not sure we got this right? We’d love to hear what your awards predictions for the team will be. Drop them in the comments below!

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