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The Bucs tender four exclusive-rights contracts

The Buccaneers have tendered exclusive-rights contracts to WR Adam Humphries, DB Jude Adjei-Barimah, LB Adarius Glanton and WR Freddie Martino. An Exclusive-rights tender is a one-year league minimum contract. Cameron Brate is still to be tendered as well as defensive end, Howard Jones. The signing of these tenders allows the player to remain on the team,

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Buccaneers are not ready to make decision on Martin

Bucs GM Jason Licht stated during the Combine on Wednesday that they do not have to make a decision regarding Doug Martin right now. The Buccaneers have been keeping tabs on Martin as his well-being is important to them.   Martin remains under contract, so there is no rush in deciding anything about Martin’s future right

Jason Licht wants to keep Mike Glennon.

Jason Licht said that the Buccaneers have offered Glennon a contract extension a while ago, but Glennon had declined it. Last year the Buccaneers had discussed an offer to their backup quarterback that would extend his contract for two more years paying him roughly $6 million per year.   Licht doesn’t want to lose their backup and

Could Vincent Jackson return for another season?

The Buccaneers could be bringing Vincent Jackson back for one more year. Bucs GM Jason Licht has already stated today at the combine that the whole organization loves and respects Vincent Jackson. Well, so do us fans. Vincent Jackson will be a Buc for life as our GM so eloquently put it, pretty much sums it

Bucs tender exclusive-rights free agent Cameron Brate.

Cameron Brate has been tendered by the Buccaneers, which comes as no surprise. Brate has been an impressive tight end. Coming into the league as an undrafted rookie from Harvard, in 2014, he was on and off the Buccaneers roster before gaining popularity from the team and the fans in 2015.   During his off

Why not move Pamphile to center?

The Center position has become a pressing need once agian, as Hawley has become a free agent and only Evan Smith remains under contract. Tampa may re-sign Hawley, and they should, since he did come in for the injured Evan Smith, took over as the starter and kept the role, until he, himself was injured.  

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The Late Round Sleeper.

The Buccaneers have made it very clear that they are in the mode of finding Jameis a number two receiver behind our star, Mike Evans. The question is do you want to spend a top draft pick on a receiver? Unless you are getting Mike Williams from Clemson I would say wait and get someone

Buccaneers settle MRSA case.

Nearly two years has passed since the MRSA incident took place, but now, the Buccaneers can finally put the embarrassing MRSA incident behind them. Back in 2013, kicker Lawrance Tynes contracted the nasty infection, as well as Johnthan Banks, and Carl Nicks, but Tynes claimed that the infection left him dealing with extreme pain on a daily

Could Demarcus Walker be exactly what the Bucs need?

Walker was a highly recruited kid out of Sandalwood high in Jacksonville. He spent four seasons with the NOLES, but these past two seasons, he has been the best sack artist in the nation.   Walker stands six foot four inches and weighs 280 pounds, He has the skill and quickness to play on the

My 2 Bullion: Le’Veon Bell

Should The Bucs seriously have Le’Veon Bell board the Buc’s ship? Bell had 1884 yards in just twelve games in the 2016 season, and he also found pay dirt nine times. He is arguably in the elite tier of backs in the league. I say fire those cannons and make this happen.    Bell is in his prime, coming into

Needs, Needs, Needs!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need, need, need. One of those needs is obvious, and that is another solid, dependable, playmaking receiver. Aside from, Mike Evans and Adam Humphries, only Cameron Brate proved to be a reliable, playmaking set of hands. However, many of our other receivers shown promise before getting hurt.   There

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RFA Josh Gordon wants to play football again.

Will Josh Gordon be allowed to play again? We will find out soon enough. Gordon is going to apply for reinstatement Wednesday and according to his manager, Gordon is in a great place mentally and physically. He has been suspended for 43 games out of the last 48 and his possible return last season ended

Bucs and Raiders top AP’s list of places to play.

The Vikings opted to not honor Adrian Peterson’s contract option, therefore, he will test the free agency. It also seems that Peterson has been doing some impromptu research on potential destinations for the past few weeks. Several teams have intrigued the veteran running back, and the teams at the top of the list so far are

Steelers use franchise tag on Le’Veon Bell

Fans around the league can now take Bell and Brown off their wish list. Yes, it was a pie in the sky idea, but hey, one can wish can’t they? One can dream can’t they, regardless of how ludicrous the dream is? Brown received a contract extension that makes him the highest-paid receiver in the

Antonio Brown gets a huge contract extension

The Steelers and Brown have come to an agreement and that agreement is an extension worth $68 million for four years. It also makes him the highest paid receiver in the NFL. The Steelers will pay Brown $17 million a year for the next four years. Brown’s total contract is now worth $72 million for

John Lynch open to trading the number two pick

John Lynch has been busy since taking the reigns of the San Francisco 49ers and his message is simple, “change the culture.” To make this message a reality the 49ers need guys who fit the system and not just wasted draft picks. Lynch has announced that they will discuss trading the number two pick in

The NFC South: Home of the Elite.

The NFC South has undoubtedly been one the best division in regards to quarterbacks. The quarterbacks in this division have been terrorizing opposing defenses for many years. Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan have made the NFC South one of the most competitive divisions in the league. Jameis Winston is fairly new to the NFL