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Koetter Responds to Gruden Rumors – By Tony Rossi

With the losses mounting the Jon Gruden coaching rumors are stronger than ever, some of which has been fueled by Gruden himself during his recent media sessions. To only be partly walked back a few days later. All the while the Bucs still have an active head coach on their payroll, Dirk Koetter.  His current

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Douger-NOT? – By Josue Garcia

In the midst of a pretty bleak season, there is a familiar sight in the Bucs backfield and that is Martin isn’t playing well. After a stellar 2015 season which saw him rush for over 1400 yards and be second in the league in rushing, Martins running has gone downhill. Not only was he suspended

The Buccaneers Sign LB Nigel Harris – By Jay Bucs

The Buccaneers have signed former Hillsborough High School and USF LB Nigel Harris on Tuesday. Harris will join the Buccaneers practice squad after being hosted for workouts at the beginning of the week. Harris was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Los Angeles Chargers on the first of May of 2017. He

Brent Grimes Unsure of 2018 Return – By Jay Bucs

Brent Grimes, who is 34 years old, is still playing at a high level, however, he hasn’t decided yet if he will return to play, anywhere, for the 2018 season. Grimes previously made mention that he seriously contemplated retiring to pursue another one of his passions, basketball; Namely the NBA. As of right now, he

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Guess What’s Coming – By BritBuc

Calling all armchair coordinators and Monday Morning Quarterbacks…or in this case defensive backs. How many of us have the experience of NFL players? That’s right! NONE! But, how is it that the vast majority of us can call the following Buccaneers play RIGHT BEFORE IT HAPPENS? It’s simple, and I’m very sorry but it isn’t

Week 15 vs. Atlanta Falcons Game Prediction – by Hagen

So there are three games left to play before this nightmarish season is finally over. Up next is a Monday night rivalry matchup against the Atlanta Falcons (8-5). Even though a win would not help the Buccaneers, since this season is over for them anyway, a victory against Atlanta always feels good, especially since Tampa

Week 14 vs. Detroit Lions Game Analysis – By Hagen

Another loss for the Buccaneers this week, this time to the Detroit Lions. We held them in check as far as their running game is concerned, only allowing the Lions to rush for a total of 53 yards on 18 attempts. Matt Stafford, however, had all day to find his targets. He played a great

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Just the Basic Facts – By BritBuc

Maybe it’s Christmas making me all lyrical but here are “just the basic facts” as sung by Roger Waters in relation to Jon Gruden and hopefully after we can feel a little “comfortably numb”. I won’t wax on about my own personal opinion that Gruden was a good coach and personality that wasn’t given the

Akeem Spence wants revenge on the Bucs? – By Crystal Morgan

After spending his first four pro seasons with the Buccaneers, playing next to Gerald McCoy, making 30 starts and had 5.5 sacks; Akeem Spence wasn’t signed back on after his rookie contract, and he is still pretty bitter about it. In a recent interview, he seemed energized to come back and face down his former


Breaking news; the offices of the NFL have received depositions to comply with the ongoing investigation into collusion amongst the NFL and/or Team Owners. These depositions include a request to hand over electronic information and allow Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers to interview and receive messages and emails from Owners. So far three names have been made

Kelvin Benjamin Traded To The Bills

Not wanting to miss out on the party, the Carolina Panthers traded WR Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills Tuesday afternoon in exchange for 3rd and 7th round picks in next years draft. This is a perplexing move for the Panthers – who are only a half game behind the Saints for the Division lead.

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