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Dalvin Cook will be a monster in the NFL. However, not for the Bucs. Since Jason Licht has taken over as GM, the Bucs have only picked 5 defensive guys out of 20 picks in the draft. With an aging line and questionable safety play over the last few years, it is time to build

Players And Rumors

Offensive line shaking up???

Last year the Buccaneers had a sub-par year from the offensive line. The Buccaneers are starting to mix it up a little and have Ali Marpet playing at center. Marpet started all 16 games last year at right guard. The Buccaneers also was given some good news that there big signing for the offensive line

Ali Marpet…the center?

Earlier today NFL.com posted an article on the possibility of the Bucs trying Ali Marpet at center.   Marpet who has been playing right guard for the Bucs in each of his last two seasons told the Tampa Bay Times that the Bucs plan to try him out at center.   The Bucs currently have Evan

Noah’s Ark

There were many questions that came from the Buccaneers 2nd round in last year’s draft; However, we can all agree on one thing and that is the fact that Noah Spence set out to quiet the experts about his past.   Last year in 16 games and only 3 starts, Spence had 5.5 sacks with

Keep or Release?

So let’s talk about the most polarizing figure in the Bucs organization right now: Doug Martin. Is he the answer at RB? In my opinion? NO.   Now Doug has the talent to be a good player, but after 5 years, we shouldn’t be talking about his talent, we should be talking about his accomplishments.

Adam Humphries Diamond in the Rough.

Adam Humphries is becoming a pivotal part of the Bucs offense. He might not get you the fantasy points that Mike Evans will, but his production is becoming very similar to another slot receiver who just won a Superbowl; Julian Edelman.   Humphries, who was an undrafted free agent in 2015, tied Edelman this year with

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pre-Draft Evaluation Round 3

Of course, The Bucs’ picks in round three depend largely on what happened in Rounds 1 and 2, but here is a possible scenario: Round 3: Roderick Johnson, OL, Florida State We are going with some protection for our Quarterback here. Winston was forced to work under pressure way too much last year and in

Pre Draft Speculation Round 2

Round 2: Budda Baker, S, Washington: Assuming we pick Cook in the first round, a Safety would make sense here in the second round. Enter Budda Baker, a very physical, fierce defender who has the potential to start right away at a weak position for Tampa Bay. The addition of J.J. Wilcox, as well as the

Who will it be for the Bucs in round 1?

With this year’s draft less than one week away, things are getting really interesting now in regards to pre-draft speculation!   As every year, we are wondering which player will get picked by our beloved Bucs and this year RB Dalvin Cook seems like a very attractive option, especially since Jameis has made it clear

Who is Samaje Perine?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have looked at many different potential draft players at many different positions, but they have shown the most interest in the running back position. Many running backs in this upcoming draft have expressed wanting to play for the Buccaneers and one recently came out saying that Tampa has shown the most interest in

Building With The Draft.

With the draft just over one week away there has been much speculation as to whom the Bucs should take with the 19th pick. With the recent signing of Desean Jackson, the Bucs offense is geared to make a postseason visit. However, with the recent departure of S Bradley McDougald, the Bucs are in need

Around The NFL Stories

Adrian Peterson is officially a Saint.

Well, we already knew it was likely going to materialize. But the once best running back of our generation ‘All Day’ has officially signed with our division rival.   The deal is reportedly a 2 year deal with 7 million. So what to make of this acquisition? It’s essentially a low risk, high reward situation.

Jabrill Peppers Fails Drug Test.

It seems that Jabrill Peppers has flunked a drug test due to a diluted sample he gave at the combine. Peppers who is considered a late first round pick and by many, to be one of the better safeties this draft has to offer, is now likely to enter a drug program.   Although his

Adrian Peterson close to a deal with the New Orleans Saints.

Word on the street is that the Saints are narrowing in on a short-term deal with running back Adrian Peterson. The deal would be in the ballpark of $3 million dollars for the 2017 season. Peterson was originally believed to be tied with the Buccaneers earlier this offseason but recent visits to the Saints have proven that

New revelations on the Hernandez saga

Details are beginning to leak out about Aaron Hernandez’s final hours alive in a Massachusetts segregated unit prison cell. Hernandez was found not guilty last week of two counts of murder in a drive-by killing of two men outside of Boston in 2012 and was set to have an appeal heard on the Odin Lloyd

Aaron Hernandez is dead.

Former NFL star turned convicted killer was found hanging in an apparent suicide in his prison cell early Wednesday morning. Officials say that Hernandez was alone in his cell in general population and had attempted to block his cell door in order to complete his suicide attempt. Hernandez was found hanging from a bed sheet attached

LaGarrette Blount: Dalvin Cook gon be a dawg in this league watch.

There have been many indications throughout media land, that the Buccaneers will be selecting Dalvin Cook with the 19th pick of this year’s NFL draft and that would be many fan’s dream come true. Current NFL free agent LeGarrette Blount is co-signing Cook calling him the “Real Deal”.   Cook has been widely considered to be