Buccaneers Select Oregon RB with the 125th Pick in the 2024 NFL Draft


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select University of Oregon running back Bucky Irving with the 125th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

I have now gone 0/5 in my official Buccaneers mock draft. Honestly impressed with myself. But this is not one I am upset with getting wrong. Bucky Irving is a damn good RB and a good complement to Rachaad White’s style of play. Irving has a low center of gravity since he is 5′ 9”, which allows him to keep his balance. And by God, he is a shifty ass back.

Looking at his 40 time, a 4.55 may not suggest a guy that is especially fast. But, he is elusive as hell. Watching him, there is a good chance he can take that ball all the way to the house. While not the best receiving back, he still had 56 receptions for 413 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Now, some downsides to Bucky also include his size. Because he is 5′ 9″, I can’t imagine he will be great in pass protection. And from what few times he was asked to, he didn’t seem to take it well. Also, because of his size and frame, there is a question of whether he can handle a full work load if White were to get injured. I think that’s fair to ask, but there are other RBs on the roster to help shoulder the burden. At least for a few games.

Estime is still the guy that I think is a better complement to White, but do not sleep on Bucky. He is a versatile weapon. Hell, he can even return punts should the Bucs feel he can be used there. He is an elusive back that is capable of big plays with every step he takes. And with this revamped o-line, that becomes all the more possible.

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