Take a knee NINERS!


I have, to be honest. Had I written this article after 15 minutes into the game it was going to be as ugly as the start of this game was for the Bucs. I’ve not seen a worse first quarter performance by the Bucs since the Atlanta and Ravens games from a few years ago. Making it even worse at least those two teams were playoff quality teams. Getting dominated by possibly the worst team in football would have been a season ender!

To the Bucs credit, they WOKE UP! It almost seemed like they took the Niners team a little lightly if that even possible by a 2-3 team. Once the Bucs got it rolling on offense and defense they made it look easy. A dominating 34-3 final 3 quarter outburst sealed the deal and hopefully as stated in my last article this win will serve as a springboard to a nice 4 game winning streak.

Was it all great? No! At times it was painful to watch but what you have to be proud of is the way this team fought all the way to the end and never let up. There are still major problems at kicker that need to be addressed. Aguayo hit the upright and flat out missed a kick to the right by at least 10 yards!

The 4th quarter turned out to be an injury-filled mess for the 49s team with seemingly someone dropping on every play on Defense. The Bucs took advantage by continuing to pound the football with powerful running by Jacquizz Rodger and even Payton Barber got in the mix with a few nice runs, one for a long touchdown.

It’s looking good for this week’s game against the Raider with a lot of the starters coming back on defense and the addition of hopefully Doug Martin to what already seems to be a solid running attack. This is a nice balance on offense that has taken the pressure off Winston allowing him to have possibly his best overall game.

In comes the Raiders on their second east coast trip in as many weeks. They are bound to be a tired team and the Bucs must take advantage of this. Continue to pound the ball and wear that Raiders defense down. It’s looking good for another Bucs victory! Anyone else looking forward to this Sunday?