Don’t look now! Bucs on the move!


October 25th, 2015. Bucs players and fans are still reeling after a game in which Tampa had a 24-7 lead going into halftime, evaporate into another loss for the Bucs. Dropping our record to 2-4 in the campaign. You already know the rest of the story.

Fast forward almost 1 year later, and the Bucs are now at .500 and are only a half-game out of first place in the division. Atlanta started out hot after losing to Tampa in week 1, only to drop 2 painful losses in back to back weeks. The question is, can we remain consistent.

That’s a question that has defined this team for the better part of the franchise. Big wins, emotional wins, followed by painful losses, and should of, could of moments. To quote Major League 2, “We’ve won 2 in a row, and if we win tomorrow, it’s called a winning streak, it has happened before.”


The excitement is there. The team defensively seems to be settling into Mike Smith’s system defensively. The offense led behind Mike Evans’ 6 touchdowns receiving and 12 passing touchdowns for Jameis Winston, are showing that they can put points on the board at will.

But if I haven’t said it enough, consistency is what we need. No home wins won’t cut it, we have to continue to play as well as we have on the road at home. Can we stop a pretty hot Oakland Raiders team to move to 3 wins in a row? As a fan, I absolutely believe we can. In which case, that could potentially set us up for a division leading matchup here in Tampa on Thursday Nighy Football against the Falcons. Don’t look now, but we got ourselves a division race!