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Winston and Jackson are forming a bond.

Jameis Winston was ecstatic when the Buccaneers signed veteran WR DeSean Jackson and they have quickly begun forming that on-field bond. A solid bonding will definitely help the Buccaneers offense find success during the season but it will also be necessary if they are to make a run at a postseason berth.
DeSean Jackson had nothing but good things to say about his new quarterback and is impressed with his work ethic, leadership skills, and determination on and off the field. Jackson knows a thing or two about quarterbacks having played with the likes of Donovan Mcnabb, Michael Vick, and Kirk Cousins, and he seems to think that Jameis Winston is exactly what the Buccaneers believes him to be. A franchise quarterback.
Add in the comments by WR coach Todd Monken telling Jackson that he needs to great because that’s why we paid you. Even though money was a factor in joining the Bucs. The wide receiver responds to Monken’s message by letting everyone know that he will be great and help this squad win a lot of games.
It’s not just players and coaches speaking. But he is showing up on the practice field. Anything from catching deep passes, short catches with some YAC and touchdowns. DeSean is putting in the work on and off the practice field.
Before we know, “Jameis goes to deep to a wide Jackson, TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY”. #InJacksonWeTrust.