Martin Strong


When he is at the top of his game Doug Martin is one of the best running backs in the league. Out of his five NFL seasons, he has had three mediocre to below average seasons, with two seasons of excellence. During his rookie season, he burst onto the scene with over 1600 yards from scrimmage. In 2015, he was the second-leading rusher in the NFL.

Last season was the lowest of low for Martin, especially when he was coming into the season with such high expectations. He was coming off a tremendous season and a big new contract that paid handsomely. Martin really wasn’t very good at any point of the season. At the end of the season, he was getting less play and fewer carries. For week 15 of the season, he was a healthy scratch. Not too long after that, it came down from the NFL. Martin will suffer a 4-game suspension for testing positive for Adderall.


Shortly after the season ended, Martin checked into rehab to overcome his addiction problem. Staying out of the spotlight, for the most part, the three-game suspension is still looming over his head. Earlier this week, speaking with the press, Martin said the problem is “definitely behind me…”. Going to rehab has essentially made Martin a stronger athlete and even better a stronger person.