As I stood watching the draft, I noticed names slip down further and further. This was the moment. Number 19.

The Bucs drafted their franchise guy 2 years ago. Last year, they drafted a corner with great potential and who I believe will get better this year. Talking to Tampa fans, there was one choice, well at least until that night.

In the draft, you take the best player available. Dalvin Cook is what I heard screamed once the pick was in. The pick came, and it was OJ Howard. The Bucs were ecstatic that he fell down that far. Most people saw Howard in the top 10. But 19? That’s a steal!!

Time will tell which player will make the biggest impact. The Vikings picked up who they believe can run the franchise to a championship. The Bucs picked up who they believe can add to their already high powered offense, with blocking skill and great hands. If you’re asking me, I didn’t like the pick of Dalvin because of the injury concerns, and the off the field issues. Howard is a no brainer, and I believe this Buccaneer team, is destined for great things in the future.

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