Could Devante Bond prove to be an X-Factor?


With Daryl Smith gone, he should get a lot of playing time, depending on how Beckwith develops once he’s fully recovered from his knee injury, and should be a starter this season. We need pass rushers and someone who can get to the QB because that didn’t happen much from the linebacker position last year. Lavonte and Kwon are definite playmakers, but I was disappointed with the lack of pass rushing I saw from the linebacker position. Although there were moments when the linebackers would rush the quarterback, there were not enough attempts made to satisfy my lust for sacks. Especially with so many injuries at the defensive end positions.

Too many times did a quarterback have enough time to set up in the pocket and torch our defense. Hopefully, with an extra talent at the LB position, opposing QBs will have more defense in their faces and more coverage help to stop opposing tight ends who thrashed us last season.

After missing all of the last season with a hamstring injury, Bond seems to be back and rearing to go. At the University of Oklahoma, he spent two years stopping runs and making tackles for losses. Bond is quick boasting a 4.7/ 40 time at combine allowing him to get to the quarterback and move around the field, which he proved his last season in college recording 3 sacks. He also showed that he can defend against the pass despite his college PD numbers not being very large.

With his speed, he should easily become a starter to compliment already starting linebackers Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander helping, what seems to be, an already stacked defense.