The Bucs have only practiced a few times in the last two weeks due to Irma and most of the starters have not seen playing time since week 2 of the preseason, meaning this week’s contest is going to be interesting.

The starting unit not having played in almost a month makes me wonder if the Bucs starters will be ready. Despite not having played last week or the starters not playing in close to a month, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do seem to have a slight edge over there up coming competition. he Bucs have film on the Bears as the Bears do not have any. However, the Bears do have one ace in the pocket and that is Mike Glennon.

Glennon knows the Buccaneers defensive schemes  having been a part of the Bucs since 2013. So it’s safe to say, He knows a lot of Mike Smith’s defense having been in Tampa last year. Whether or not that is going to help the Bears is yet to be determined, but one does have to think that it will.

Not having practiced or playing in week one due to the storm does have it’s downfall, but coach Koetter is confident in his football team, as the player’ spirits seem to be high as they returned to practice on Wednesday. As the Bucs practice again on Thursday, coach understands they have limited time to prepare for Sunday’s game, but also understand that he cannot overwork his team. You have to deal with the hand that is dealt.

Preparation is key to properly execute game plans, but coach is confident that they will be ready and a lot of the defensive preparations will be made in order to stop the Bears running game. One that looks to be game changing. Mike Glennon does know the defense, so preparing different looks that he hasn’t seen before, will be another key preparation for the Bucs defense. A tricky maneuver for a team that has little time to practice.

The Buccaneers offense, at least, has a major leg up in Sunday’s game as they have film to study the Bears defensive schemes, which should even out the fact that Glennon knows some of Smith’as schemes, and allow Jameis and company to practice on plays needed to keep this game in check.











“When Mike left, we had an oath that he was sworn to secrecy,” Koetter said with a wry smile. “But we’ll see.”

Regardless of the opponent, Koetter said he is grateful to have a real game — finally.

“Let’s play some football,” Koetter said. “That’s what we all came here for, right?”

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