They Bucs in recent years have had a very sub-par kicking game. It seemed that no matter who was kicking the ball through the uprights, you knew that Bucs fans everywhere held their breath until it sailed through the up-rights… Or until it missed completely and then you could always count on a collective groan because we were reminded yet again that our kicker was down-right terrible.

The Bucs though found a slight reprieve through the last 12 games of the 2017 season. With a FG percentage of 82.6%, above average on kicks on 40+ yards, and almost perfect on extra-point kicks, Patrick Murray seems to have this position locked down. Given Tampa Bay’s recent past, it would be a smart move to invest a late round draft pick in a talented kicker. Create a little competition to make sure we are putting the best possible player on the field.

The Bucs currently have 8 selections for the 2018 Draft. Even though there are many areas of need, and you could very well argue our picks would be better served filling those needs. Remember this though, there has been game after game that was decided by a missed field goal by an embattled kicker. If the Bucs had a kicker, they could trust, they could have very well won those games and maybe even put them in a better position to make a playoff push on any of those seasons.

So yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should draft a kicker come Draft Day.

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