Post Draft NFL Power Rankings


The NFL Draft has come and gone. We now have a relatively clear picture of what rosters will look like across the league. So naturally, it’s time to judge them all.

With the draft behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and other teams done, we can begin to make early predictions of what these teams will look like and what they will accomplish. All the ingredients have been purchased, now it is a question of how good the dish will be. I took my best guess with the way too early 2024 NFL power ranking.

32) Denver Broncos

Nothing says this is a sinking ship like drafting the 6th best quarterback in the draft and not having a second round pick. The arrow is pointing down in Denver.

31) Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders were better than expected last year with no quarterback to speak of, but that’s not a sustainable plan.

30) New York Giants

The Giants lost the face of their offense over the offseason. That probably won’t make them a better team. 

29) Carolina Panthers

Dave Canales should give this team an identity, especially with an improved offensive line. There is still a lot to prove in Carolina though.

28) Tennessee Titans

I like what this team is building in the trenches, but there are still a lot of holes on this roster. 

27) New England Patriots

An exciting new quarterback will make a big difference with an offense that desperately needs help.

26) Washington Commanders

The Commanders have some weapons to work with and that should make this offense with an exciting rookie quarterback much improved.

25) Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have done a nice job retooling around Kyler Murray the last two years, but they still have a ways to go.

24) Los Angeles Chargers

A new coach and a new identity, but it will take time for things to come together even with a top tier quarterback.

23) New Orleans Saints

The Saints have once again kicked the can down the road with their salary cap issues. They’ll be fine, but not good.

22) Seattle Seahawks

It’s a new era in Seattle. That might not be a bad thing, but they don’t have a quarterback I trust to bet on them with so many unknowns.

21) Indianapolis Colts

I like the direction the Colts are going. They will compete for their division in a year or two.

20) Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags were supposed to control the AFC South for the next several years, but took a step backwards last year. This year will tell us who they really are.

19) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have some premiere talent on their roster, but there will be growing pains with a rookie quarterback.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers always outperform expectations. With uncertainty at quarterback, I still expect them to flirt with a playoff spot and winning record.

17) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins looked like a contender for parts of last season, but they lost a lot of talent to free agency.

16) Dallas Cowboys

The strength of the Cowboys has always been their offensive line. They have retooled that group this offseason, but they are in a bit of a transition period.

15) Chicago Bears

No team has had a more exciting offseason than the Bears. With a young stud at quarterback and playmakers all around him, I expect this team to be interesting. 

14) Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons were in the hunt for the playoffs last year. Despite a disastrous draft, adding Kirk Cousins at quarterback should put them in position to make the playoffs this year.

13) Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen might be the second best quarterback in the NFL, but the Bills need to show they are more than just 

12) New York Jets

Does Aaron Rodgers have anything left in the tank? I don’t know, but he’s gotta be better than Zach Wilson.

11) Philadelphia Eagles

It was a tail of two seasons for the Eagles last year. Maybe not the Super Bowl team they were two years ago, but still a good roster.

10) Green Bay Packers

Last year was an impressive reload for the Packers. Jordan Love in year two as a starter is primed to take the next step in his game.

9) Cleveland Browns

The Browns were so impressive last year. This team is both very talented and very well coached.

8) Houston Texans

This year’s exciting young team! After an unexpected playoff run last season, the Texans are looking to prove they were no fluke. I don’t think they were.

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs were a difficult out in the playoffs last year and are looking to build on that. They re-signed all their key players and had a fantastic draft to try to get them back to the championship game.

6) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have established themselves as the class of the NFC. However, with questions along the offensive line I think they might take a step backwards this year.

5) Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is back healthy, which means this Bengals team is primed to make another run. After all, they were in the Super Bowl just a few years ago.

4) Kansas City Chiefs

It’s hard to go against the Chiefs these days. They are back to back champions and have the best quarterback on the planet. They might be 4th in this ranking, but you won’t catch me betting against them.

3) Los Angeles Rams

One of the best draft classes in the NFL this year. They totally rebuilt their defensive line with a pair of pass rushers, which will only compliment an outstanding offense led by future Hall of Famer Matthew Stafford.

2) Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is now a multiple time MVP winner. On top of that the roster is incredibly deep and the whole team is very well coached. Last year’s one seed in the AFC is in a great position to go even further this year.

1) Detroit Lions

There aren’t many teams who can compare with the Lions offensive line and pass catchers. Now with a totally revamped secondary, they look like the team to beat on paper.

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