Kwon Island


It is not something that immediately comes to mind about the 4th year Linebacker from LSU is that the guy is a ball hawk. Mostly Alexander is known for his closing speed and punishing running backs who stray into his zone but a hidden part of his game is how effective he is against the pass.

Why do I make such a bold statement? Even in his days at LSU Kwon had a nose for an airborne football and that has continued into his pro career. Typically the middle linebacker isn’t required to be a force in the pass game, if anything he’s expected to be judged on tackles and sacks. The ball is rarely thrown over the middle where the MLB is waiting in coverage and that isn’t a special thing of respect for Kwon, it’s just standard football not to send your wide receivers into the middle where a guy is waiting.

What backs up my statement? A perfect storm must occur for a Middle Linebacker to record stats in passing defense. Firstly the Defensive Coordinator has to call a play that puts Alexander in coverage, then the other team has to call a passing play that sends a guy over the middle. Finally the opposing Quarterback has to throw to the player crossing the field in the zone of the MLB. That perfect storm happens rarely in a season, let alone a game. Since Kwon Alexander was drafted by the Bucs he has broken up 21 passes and taken the ball away 6 times. All that in 45 games.

One thing is for sure, Kwon Island is a no fly zone.