Did Coach Koetter’s seat get cooler with Smith dismissal?


If Coach Koetter is worried about being in the hot seat he doesn’t show it.  Coach “K” is kind of like that grumpy uncle that knows how to surf.  The one that doesn’t try to impress anybody but still throws shade by riding his longboard and not wanting to be bothered.  This was his demeanor when announcing the firing of  Mike Smith earlier this week.  He gave the appearance of a man who just wanted to go work up a game plan for the Cleveland Browns game that will take place this Sunday at Raymond James stadium.

Replacing the defensive coordinator was not something Coach “K” wanted to do.  Ask any former player, or NFL analyst, and they will tell you that doing so during the season is an act of desperation.  Most of those same analysts would probably agree that something had to be done.  After finishing 2017 near the bottom of the NFL defenses, 2018 had resembled a dumpster fire, with lack of enthusiasm, ho-hum performances, and an offense that was looking for an attorney so they could sue for support.

This week the defensive play calling duties have been handed over to interim defensive coordinator Mark Duffner, the high motor, highly respected former linebackers coach who will be looking for a way to motivate a defense that has exceptional talent at many positions.  Bucs fans will be pulling for the “Duff” to cook up some schemes to keep Coach K off the hot seat and riding some tasty waves. Hopefully those “waves” include some W’s.

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