Buccaneers looking to trade for O line


I could go with the consensus that it was the offensive line that let the team down against the Browns. But after sitting down and watching the game for a second time. I’ve come to the realization that they did not play poorly, but seemed under prepared for the 3-4  defensive attack of the Browns. And that cannot fall squarely on the shoulders of the big fellas up front.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not happy with their offensive lone play, even though I’d say that’s an overreaction driven by a poor diagnosis of what the problem is. As would Stephen White. As did Pro Football Focus, who only gave one player a negative pass-blocking grade against the Cleveland Browns: Ali Marpet. Even so, Jenna Laine reports the Bucs are looking to solve this problem by trading for a player.” – Sander Philipse  of Bucs Nation

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