Buccaneers not impressing NFL experts


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense needs to improve to take some of the pressure off Jameis Winston playing catch up. He can’t do it all by himself and he thinks he can and that might just be his down fall, with bad decision making.

The NFL experts had to say…

“The Bucs’ roster loks like the NFL equivalent of fantasy football’s “stars and scrubs” stragety. They have big-name top-tier talent like Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David and Mike Evans. And they don’t have much else. Enter No.1 overall pick Jameis Winston, immediately the biggest star for the franchise that strggles to hold the attention of their local fans, much less the national public. Despite all the faces to put on  season tickets, there’s little reason to thin the Bucs have demonstrably improved.”-  Gregg Rosenthal of Around The NFL

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