The Buccaneers first game


The Buccaneers made the wrong quarterback pick, was on the tip of most Buc fans tongues, yesterday. But ….

“That’s certainly an easy reaction to make after the Bucs No.1 pick, Jameis Winston, were blown out by the Tennesee Titans and the No. 2 pick, Marcus Mariota Sunday, when Mariota was clearly the better player. But with all rookie quarterbacks, it is unfair to define them by their first game. Mariota is not going to be the NFL MVP, even though he finished his debut with a perfect passer rating, and Winston can’t be ruled a bust. Though Winston did struggle and made some bad decisions and poor throws in his debut, this week 1 failure was an indictment on the Bucs as a whole — and especially the coaching staff that didn’t have the rest of the team ready to help Winston.” – Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports

(MY OPINION)And that’s what it boils down to: Jameis Winston’s debut should be blamed on the coaching staff. They clearly did not prepare for the ensuing onslaught that they faced Sunday. We were not only outcoached we were outclassed. I noticed that the Buccaneers coaches made no effort in changing personnel, on the line, as it was abundantly clear, they were not doing their jobs. Poor refereeing started the downfall for us early on, with wild defensive penalty calling, that even the replay screen, if it could, would chime in and voice more than its opinion. We have a long road ahead of us this season and with the division rival, New Orleans Saints, defending their home field against us next Sunday. It could look worse for us and spark some long heated debates about our future. I think we should relax. What is one more losing season? I know we are tired of losing, and I also know that it took many, many, stressful years, before we became a relevant team. Now that that legacy has came and went, we fans are expecting this year Buccaneers to pick up the legacy and run with it again. This simply will not be the case this year. More here: Mariota throws 4 TDS