Is it time to start calling the Buccaneers morons?


A lot of fans are already to that point and that is not a fair assertion. The Buccaneers were just not prepared for week 1 and that was made clear during the preseason. Does that make them morons? No! It makes them look unprofessional. And that will have to fall on the shoulders of the coaching staff. No one can point the finger at Jameis Winston or his companions. Yes, we looked terrible, but the reasoning behind that was preparedness. And we simply were not prepared enough or not at all. So do not Jump ship yet. The flashes of excellence were there and I will be awaiting week 2, as we will be much more prepared for the Saints. So I disagree with basing the next decade off of what we’ve seen in those 60 minutes. And to do so would, in my opinion, be the place where the word: moron would be entitled.

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