You have 16 penalties and what do you get? Blown out in the second half


The Buccaneers had sixteen penalties against the Washington Redskins, for 142 yards. So far this season, the Bucs have pulled together to collect 74 penalties for a grand total 531 yards. Some of those are bad calls, but most of those are not. This also points to poor coaching and is becoming a consistent issue and cannot continue to happen. We can not win football games if the secondary carries on playing the way it is, and we continually shoot ourselves in the foot with unnecessary penalties.

“Once again, the Bucs were undermined by a flurry of flags, wiping out offensive gains and extending drives for the Redskins. Tampa Bay was penalized a franchise-record 16 times for 142 yards, compared to only four flags for 20 yards by the home team. It marked the fifth time the Bucs were whistled for double-digit penalties during their 2-4 start.” “I’m not a referee and I can’t talk about the penalties,’’ Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston said. “But I know our guys overcame so much adversity after those penalties. When we get penalties, we go and convert, but they keep moving us back.’’  – Reported by Ira Kaufman

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