Some Buccaneers playoff Scenarios


With all these different scenarios, it gives Bucs fans, actual hope, that we might, in fact, make the playoffs. But before any of that can happen, we must beat the Saints, on Sunday.

“The Buccaneers win out to get to 10-6 – then one of these teams – Green Bay, Minnesota or Seattle also finish at 10-6. Tampa Bay owns the conference record tie-breaker on each of these teams. As you see above, Seattle has two teams at the bottom of the AFC North, the reeling Rams and then a Cardinals team that may not be playing for anything and resting starters in the season finale left. Anything can happen (look at the Eagles shocking the Patriots last week), but Seattle is playing some great football right now. Barring a major injury, it’s difficult to see them losing again. Now as I mentioned above, Green Bay or Minnesota could be Tampa Bay’s route to the post-season. Green Bay has been struggling mightily the last month as injuries mount for them. Minnesota has been solid until Sunday and they have four games against teams fighting to stay in the playoff race.” – Reported by JCDeLaTorre

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