Thank you for the 2-14 season that got us Jameis Winston


Tanking is not something we would want to be attached to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, But if tank they did then thank’s you get. Last season was horrific to watch, but this season has made up for it. The complete 180 in Tampa’s playing, this season, has sparked a new respect for Tampa, around the NFL.

“Bucs fans, give tanks. Lovie Smith’s playoff hunters meet the Saints on Sunday. More to the point, so does Jameis Winston. And it was against the Saints, in last season’s final game, that the Bucs pulled the plug for the greater good. They lost one last time, sweet 14, to lock up the No. 1 pick in the draft. The Jameis Game. Right about now, it looks brilliant. Sort of smelled at the time, but that’s show business. No Buc will ever admit the organization tanked. Compared to the NFL’s real problems, this is small potatoes. Only make a note to have your head examined if you don’t think the Bucs rolled over in the second half.” – Reported by Martin Fennelly

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