Bucs lost their mojo


I am still trying to wrap my head around this one. Is it that we are truly that horrible and everyone else we have beaten, even more so?  Why didn’t we run the ball more? Doug Martin has been on fire, lately, and yes the Saints’ defense played well against our run. But, 11 attempts when we need a win so badly? Doug Martin was making some decent plays, he averaged 8-yards a carry, but was ripping off 20 and 24-yard runs. And where exactly was Mike Evans? All Mike Evans accomplished was 39 yards and putting Tampa into, a large hole, with back-to-back penalties. Injuries, miscues, stupid penalties by everyone, and seemingly, a lack of will to play, mixed with questionable play calling, sent us down the path to yet, another playoff-less season. I’m getting used to it, but, at least, this time, I can say with confidence, “We will be better next year.”

“The Bucs had everything to play for Sunday. A playoff spot was still a possibility. A big crowd filled Raymond James Stadium on a beautiful day. A beatable opponent playing out the string was on the other side. These are the games that matter, the games you want to play in. A game like Sunday’s is why you play football. If you can’t get up for a game like that, what’s the point? And yet, the Bucs looked as if they couldn’t have been the least bit bothered for most of Sunday’s disjointed and disinterested 24-17 loss to the Saints.” – Reported by Tom Jones

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