Is this a new era for the Buccaneers and a goodbye to Buc Ball?


Buccaneers formerly known for defense have lost their defensive mojo as of late. Tampa now seems to have shifted from that defensive idiosyncrasy to an offensive one, something Tampa has never been known for. If the Bucs can find a balance, we could become a new dynasty. Or would that be too much to ask for? This Bucs fan can only dream.

“Bye-bye, Buc Ball. Defense put the Bucs on the map. Tony Dungy’s defense made the Bucs into winners. Even when Jon Gruden closed the deal, it was about defense. Now it isn’t. We knew it before Lovie Smith was fired Wednesday, probably knew it last draft, when Jameis Winston was taken first and lineman Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet were selected, a year after Mike Evans and Charles Sims were picked. Regardless of whether Dirk Koetter is the next head coach, O has overtaken D in Tampa Bay. Maybe for good. The Bucs have a quarterback ownership believes in, so much so that it was moved past Smith and Buc Ball nostalgia, made easier when Lovie’s defense collapsed down the stretch.” – Reported by Martin Fennelly

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