Has it really been 8 years since the Bucs made the Playoffs?


Unfortunately, it has.

Tampa hasn’t been to the playoffs in close to a decade and has not had a winning record in going on six seasons. But, under this new regime chock-full of prime coaches and exceptional talent, could this all be about to change? With Tampa finally having a franchise quarterback and having an accomplished crew of coaches, the playoffs are not looking that far away. Next season should be a far better display from the Buccaneers than we have seen in prior years, maybe not the playoffs, but certainly the winning record. I know we have been saying, “Next year” since winning the Super Bowl, and a lot of us having been saying this since the 80’s and before, but the moves that were made as of late can practically give us a renewed air of confidence, one I especially enjoy.

“The last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made it to the playoffs was 2007 — also the last time they won the division. The last time they even had a winning season was 2010. Perhaps worst of all, the last time the Bucs won a playoff game — any playoff game — was 2003. In the Super Bowl.” – Sander Philipse

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