Panthers won’t overpay for Josh Norman why should you?


Josh Norman hit the free agency on Wednesday after the Carolina Panthers took away his franchise tag, and the reason for this is, the Panthers and the corner could not agree to a long-term deal. Norman had a good season in 2015 with nineteen pass defends and four INTs, those INTs led to two touchdowns, and 100 yards in returns. But is he worth top of the market value for only two good seasons?  Some say yes, some say no. The 28-year-old cornerback definitely shows an ability to defend against the pass and shows a consistency at doing so, when he is able to play all 16 games.

Now that Norman is a free agent several teams are contacting him. The Buccaneers are among those teams interested in picking up the corner, but will anyone agree to his monetary demands? Many Bucs fans are teetering on the fence on whether Norman could be an elite corner for Tampa, and whether or not he can even play in our scheme. Some say Tampa should not pay him the money he wants, and others want Tampa to release a majority of our roster depth in order to pay him. I say, leave Norman alone unless he is willing to sign on for one year, for grudge match purposes against his former team. Other than that, I would not break the bank or give up any of our depth just to get a guy who may or may not have a good 2016 season.

Tampa has already picked up a solid corner in Brent Grimes, and he is worth every penny of his two-year $16.5 million contract. Although he has had two down seasons, Grimes has shown consistency throughout his nine-year career. If we can get Norman for half of what we paid Grimes, I say go for it, if not, let some other team pay too much for the Panther corner, and select ourselves a couple of corners in the upcoming draft. If Tampa did find a way to sign Norman for one or two seasons, then we would enjoy a definite upgrade in our secondary, I just do not think it would be wise to overpay for him. In fact, it may be better just to stay away from him.