It’s time to shut up and show up with passion!


It’s a different world we live in today, that I understand. I also understand that in order to be great at sports not only do you have to work hard and have the talent but you also have to believe you are better than the guy lined up across you. It’s not only talking a big game it’s showing up when the bell rings! Part of being great is hating to lose and even at times just hating your opponent from the time that clock starts until that clock ends the game!

Today’s athletes just don’t seem to have that passion or pride in themselves or the team they play for. That drive and desire to be the best, to leave it all out on the field just seem to be lacking. Most just seem to be playing for a paycheck and it’s not helping the cause, as the game of football itself, has been heavily softened! You can’t touch the QB. You can hit below the waist. You can hit above the shoulders. You can’t lead with your helmet. They want to remove kickoffs! You cant, you cant, you cant! Where is this all heading exactly? Football is not the football I grew up watching or playing! It’s sad where it all seems to be heading. You get paid millions to play the game and you come into it knowing that injuries are almost a 100% guarantee. It’s not Golf or Ping Pong, ITS FOOTBALL!

What seems odd to me is the more the game is.. SOFTENED, the more injuries we seem to have! Every week we see a player being carted off the field and many placed on IR, done for the year. It should make you think, are they really making the game better or worse? Are they really lowering injuries? Does the NFL really care that much about the player Or could this all be Money related? HMM!

Ray LewisThe days of players with the passion of a Mike Singletary, Favre, Butkus, Lamberts and recently Ray Lewis types seem to be a thing of the past! In its place, we have primadonna’s who only care about what they look like. Celebrating like they won the super bowl after every tackle. Constantly whining if they don’t get their way. It’s all about ME attitudes. It’s sickening to watch how this game that I love has begun to change and in my opinion not for the best! Then again this is pretty much the state of the world in general.

It’s time to SHUT UP and SHOW UP! It’s time to go back to basics and play this amazing game with the passion it deserves. With the respect for the players in the past who played it the right way. We can only hope. I for one am not holding my breath.

When the players on the Bucs hate to lose the culture will change! The laughs and smiles on the sidelines when the scoreboard show you’re losing by 4 touchdowns in the 4th quarter are just not acceptable! There are very few players on this team who HATE to lose and there is the source of the problem!

Huge paycheck Mondays coming boys! ITS ALL GOOD!