More Than Just A Win


As I’m sure we are all aware by now, Tampa Bay defeated Seattle in a completely defensive gem by the Buccaneers. But this article isn’t about that (There is probably two or three of those somewhere by now.)

This is about a feeling. A feeling of electricity that was Raymond James Stadium Sunday night. As I stood in front of my seat in section 119, I do what I normally do, I pause to take a look around the stadium. I see die hard Bucs fans waiting. Waiting for the big play. I see dad’s holding their sons, many of which were at a football game for the first time. I see Seattle fans, hoping for a miracle.

But what I see the most of, is something this team has been without for some time now from the fan base, and that is passion. I wish I could have taken a picture of the entire stadium. Looking into the upper deck, it was amazing scene of clapping and screaming.

Tonight was an amazing win. But I also believe that tonight was more than just a win. Tonight, we stood and applauded our team for their hard work. Supported them through the good, and even the rare bad moments. We booed the referees off the field, and cheered with a tear as a player who lost his father this past week, made the first interception of the game.

Tonight, we showed that we are Bucs fans and that we are here to stay in the NFC.