Koetter needs more productivity


mikeOne common theme among the NFL’s elite teams and coaches is that even in a win they discuss what didn’t go right and the need to address it and ultimately fix it. It’s hard to nitpick the Bucs victory over a stout Seahawks team on Sunday, but Dirk Koetter is disappointed we didn’t score more, and he’s absolutely correct.

Bucs scoring has indeed significantly dropped off the last two contests, though wins, putting up 19 in Kansas City and only 14 against Seattle. After getting off to fast starts in both games, particularly the Seahawks game, the Bucs offense stalled and sputtered multiple drives late in the first half and throughout the 2nd.


After their first two drives ended in an Evans’ TD, the Bucs possession chart reads like this:  

      1 play -4 yds (Safety)      7 plays 36 yds        6 plays 28 yds     5 plays 39 yds    3 plays 6 yds    7 plays 32 yds    

      5 plays 17 yds     3 plays 19 yds (Fumble)      5 plays 5 yds (Interception)       3 plays -4 yds (End of game)

Now granted, the Bucs have faced uber talented defenses the prior two weeks in Seattle and Kansas City, both filled with legit superstars on defense but Koetter knows this offense is capable of so much more. Particularly on third down where the Bucs have been fantastic lately; they had a few easy short conversion opportunities and were unable to extend drives consistently going 4-11. Not due to penalties or a classic brain fart, they simply just didn’t execute properly. Not a hard a fix for this deadly offense.

Look for the Bucs to continue with Koetter’s aggressive play calling against a San Diego Chargers team giving up 26.5 points per game. Should be fun! Could be a BIG day for Jaboo! GO BUCS!