The Bucs are focused on winning games not the playoffs


No one can ignore the fact that Tampa is looking solid when it comes to the playoffs and I’m sure that reality has sunk into the minds of the team, however, the team’s focus is set week to week and winning games. The Bucs are not focusing on the playoffs yet.

Considering this year the Bucs could have their first playoff appearance in nearly ten years, you would think that team focus would be on the race and their position in the post-season, but it is not. Of course, as time draws nearer to the post season it will grow ever increasingly more difficult to avoid thoughts of the playoffs, but for now, the focus is on extending the team’s longest winning streak since 2002. 

Tampa could win the rest of their games and find themselves in second seed scenario in the playoffs, but going 1-0 each week is a priority for now. Until Tampa plays their final game against the Panthers on New year’s day, the postseason is not a priority. But then again it does seem to be a reality either way.