The Buccaneers final game of the season is more than just W or an L.


A win this week against the Carolina Panthers will give Tampa their first winning season since 2010. On top of that, a couple of our Bucs stand the chance of setting some NFL records. 

On top of that, a couple of our Bucs stand the chance of setting some NFL records.  Jameis Winston has the chance to set an NFL record for the most passing yards by a Quarterback in their first two seasons. A record held by Andrew Luck who has 8,196 yards. Jameis does need 267 yards to complete this task, and the considering he threw for 277 yards against the Saints, it is more than possible that he takes the record. He also only needs just 70 yards to become the second only quarterback in history to throw for 8,000 yards in his first two seasons. May as well plan on that happening.

Mike Evans also has a chance to do some record-breaking. Evans is just shy, two touchdowns, from breaking the Buccaneers franchise record for the most WR TD catches in a single season. Evans currently owns this record with 12.


Tampa also has the slimmest of chances in making the playoffs this year, thanks to the Lions. I wouldn’t get too excited about Tampa’s chances of making the playoffs you would have better odds in finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 

Whether Tampa wins Sunday or not, I am happy with the record. I mean eight wins this season ties 2014 and 2015’s winning record combined and that means we are moving forwards, not backward for a change. I hope we continue with the progression next season.