Dirk Koetter debating on giving up his play calling duties.


Head coach Dirk Koetter is contemplating the idea of giving up his play calling duties in order to focus better on his head coaching duties next season. Koetter is looking to improve the Tampa in all areas of the game and if in doing so he has to relinquish his play calling duties then it definitely should be something to look into.

Tampa’s offensive production did drop from 2015 to 2016, Koetter could be thinking that with all his new responsibilities, as head coach, he hadn’t had the time to get one on one with his players like he could in 2015 and that possibly affected his play calling preparations.

Koetter enjoys calling plays and believes it is one of the best parts of being a head coach, but he also believes that the time restraints is depriving him of the time he could be spending with his players, and putting a proper game plan together. Koetter made ti clear he wants the team to be successful and if he is one of the reasons hindering the team than he is willing to correct it.

Now the question is: If Koetter does give up his duties as the play caller, who will take that job over?